Augustus IV
Pcl 0053 bd
The Emperor in 2015


October 7th, 2001 - Present


October 10th, 2001



Heir Apparent

Princess Aufidia






Empress Claudia


Crown Princess Aufidia, Archduchess of Aquilonia
Prince Lucianus
Prince Regulus
Princess Caelia


Mos Maiorism

Titus Eurasius Iulianus Augustus Pius , born April 19, 1973 is the current Emperor of Eurasia, Pontifex Maximus of the Imperial Pantheon, and head of the House of Eurasius.

Augustus ascended the throne on October 10th, 2001, after his father, Justinius abdicated the throne due to ill health. His ascension was at a time when the international political landscape was shifting, and the traditional Union of Progressive States was slowly diminishing in power and prestige. Augustus continued his father's legacy in building relations with New Tarajan and Duresia, and is close friends with Heinrik of Duresia.

Born in Julium to Emperor Justinius and Mater Matriae Claudia, Augustus was educated at the elite Imperial Prepatory School in Civitius during his youth, and attended the College of Luceria, where he received a degree in Political Science. From there, he joined the Imperial Military and served as a Tribune in the 4th Legion, which saw action in the Atenosian War.

Augustus has been criticized for being somewhat reclusive, as he rarely holds press conferences or makes public speeches. More frequently than not the Imperial position on issues is released by the Ministry of Imperial Relations.

His full title is: His Imperial Majesty, Augustus IV, Emperor of Eurasia, Generalissimus of the Legions, High Priest of the Faith, Pious and Blessed, Father of the Fatherland, Supreme Magistrate, Lord-King of Cortoriacum, Prince of Ascania, Magistrate of Granada, Grand Duke of Leiden (Eurasian: Majestus Imperatorius Suus, Augustus IV, Imperator Eurasiae, Generalissimus Legioni, Pontifex Maximus Fidei, Pater Patriae, Magnus Magistratus, Magnus Rex Cortoricacae, Magistratus Granadae, Dux Leidensis)