Ministry of Agriculture
Ministerium Agriculturae


1936 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



Ceres Optima Building




Patricius Gratianus Florialanus

The Ministry of Agriculture (Eurasian: Ministerium Agriculturae) is a Ministry of Eurasia. It is tasked with regulating farming and agricultural practices throughout the Eurasian Empire. It sets the price at which the Government will buy wheat and grain, and also is responsible for controlling the Bureau of Bread and Antidote, which supervises food and drug quality and consumer protection in Eurasia.

The Ministry is generally tasked with consumer scientific development and food production, and often sets quotas which it encourages farmers to meet in order to ensure adequate food production and to maintain independence of foreign food imports. However, the Ministry lacks the plenary authority to enforce these quotas, and merely provides special incentives, such as subsidies, to farmers who meet them.

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