Ministry of Housing
Ministerium Domorum


1913 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



Vulcan Aedificator Building




Flavius Gratian

The Ministry of Housing (Eurasian: Ministerium Domorum) is a Ministry of Eurasia. It is tasked with enacting building and housing standards throughout the Empire, monitoring building safety and construction, and also with providing Government subsidies for lower income Eurasian families.

The Ministry, like many in the Eurasian Government, has been accused of unfair or biased policies in the past. Accusations have alleged that the Ministry intentionally underdevelops minority neighborhoods, and even works with the Ministry of Transportation to guide new road and railways through minority neighborhoods, which in the process are leveled. The Ministry has also been said to deny subsidies to low income housing populated by minorities, which was true in the case of the Argentomagi Housing Affair of 1977.

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