Ministerium of War
Ministerium Belli


96 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



Eurasius Building of War




Felix Maurenius Aufidaeus

The Ministry of War (Eurasian: Ministerium Belli) is the largest department of the Government of Eurasia. It is responsible for the defense of the Empire, and maintains the Military of Eurasia. The Ministerium is headed by the Prime Minister of War, and has the largest budget of any imperial ministerium.

The Ministerium's governing body is the Imperial Military Council, made up of the highest ranking officers in the military, which is headed by the Emperor himself. This allows for efficacy in decision making and a clear delineation of power amongst the branches of the military.

Eurasian society is highly militarized, with many aspects of Eurasian culture being devoted to purely martial aspects. As such, the Ministry of War holds great sway over many aspects of Eurasia itself, and is often in jurisdictional conflict with the Ministry of Culture.

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