Ministerium of the Realm
Ministerium Frumentariorum


1345 ECE

Preceding Ministerium



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Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus

The Ministry of the Realm, known internally and officially as the Ministry of the Frumentarii (Eurasian: Ministerium Frumentariorum), or "frumentarii" is the Security Ministry of the Eurasian Empire, tasked with maintaining the security of Eurasia at domestically and externally. They are considered a military service and are governed by military laws, similar to the Eurasian Army. The frumentarii have historically been at the forefront of several international affairs, including the Ienaran War and the Atanosian War.

The frumentarii have the largest theorized budget of any Ministry, excluding the Ministry of War. They function as a secret police within Eurasia, gathering intelligence and serving as a covert arm of the Eurasian government.

The frumentarii do not function as a gendarmerie, which is instead done by the Eurasian Ministerium of the Police.


The Frumentarii were originally founded as grain tax collectors under the Emperor Hadrian I of Eurasia. Over time, they evolved from mere taxmen to a branch of military intelligence, and were eventually split off into their own ministry in the 1600's. It has played a significant role in the history of Eurasia, functioning often as a state within a state, and very often extrajudicially.

The Ministry played a role in the maintenance of the concentration camps during the Omnestacita during the Great War, and was responsible for some of the most infamous genetic and biological human experiments which took place in the Twentieth Century, such as the Operation Mariposa experiments.


The Ministry is a military organization which nevertheless functions independently of the Ministry of War. Its operatives and officers function as paramilitary officers, all of whom are equal to the officers of the Military of Eurasia. The Ministry is tasked with the suppression of internal dissent and the fomenting of external espionage.


The Curia of the Ministry of the Realm are the administrative divisions by which the ministry functions. There are twelve curia, each serving a specific function within the ministry.

First Curiate

The First Curiate's purpose is to undertake foreign espionage and sabotage. It is one of the largest curia, and primarily functions abroad; it has very little domestic operations. It is responsible for gathering information, spying, and sabotaging foreign developments. It does not undertake assassinations generally, but is responsible for kidnapping and extraordinary rendition.

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