Speaker of Kaevi
Parolanto de Kevio
Emblem of the Speakership


1993 CE

Inaugural Holder

Sediorof Yurombe Tasmokil

Current Speaker

Yistu Kedodari Sairemontevu



The Speaker of Kaevi, or Parolanto de Kevio, is the highest elected leader of Kaevi.

The Speaker is elected by the National Assembly to work at its pleasure. Most of the time, the Speaker is a member of the National Assembly who is also a member of the party making up the majority. However, most Speakers are not the leaders of their parties and have little say in the party agenda.

The primary duties of the Speaker include:

  • Organizing the lawmaking process
  • Appointing up to 1/3 of the National Court when vacancies occur
  • Ensuring national elections are carried out
  • Dictating foreign policy
  • Appointing the directors to unincorporated national territories
  • Declaring states of emergency and ensuring continuity of government

List of Speakers

Order Name Term Began Term Ended
1 🜁 Sediorof Yurombe Tasmokil 5 Nivus 1993 17 Solus 1995
2 πŸœ‚ Yaemanreh Sismareel Favrasei 17 Solus 1995 5 Nivus 1997
3 Naskerdioj Kidoti Dukroil 5 Nivus 1997 5 Nivus 2001
4 Miris Afkedirti Kulujiored 5 Nivus 2001 5 Nivus 2017
5 πŸœ‚ Yistu Kedodari Sairemontevu 5 Nivus 2017 present

πŸœ‚ : elected as party leader

🜁 : died in office