Angela Schweigart

The Province of Sudetenland is a state of Aloia. The capital of Sudetenland is Troppau. 

The history of Sudetenland can be traced to the 1872 Kongisberg Agreement between Aloia and the Kingdom of Bohemia, when Pomerania became permanently Aloian territory and Silesia became Bohemian. Within a few years German-speaking Pomeranians began settling in the border communities in Bohemia and Moravia. In 1908, a referendum was held in the border cities, with almost all of them favoring Aloian control. Aloia intervened, capturing the border cities in the region called Sudetenland, named for the Sudeten mountains. These cities were incorporated as the Province of Sudetenland. This began the Aloian-Bohemian War which ended in Bohemian defeat in 1912 and the annexation of Bohemia into Aloia.

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